January Project: Portraits of my Kids

It’s hard to get a picture of these two together. They are usually running in opposite directions but recently they’ll play together on occasion.


During the month of January I focused on taking pictures of my kids. January tends to be the month where I take the least pictures due to the freezing cold weather and feeling like there isn’t anything worth taking my camera out for. So I gave myself this project to avoid another January that lacked in photos. And I’m so glad I did! It was fun seeing all the moments I captured as I sorted through all the pictures I took.

The thing I learned most from this was the importance of giving thought to your composition. Toddlers are constantly on the move and posing them is very difficult. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t give a little thought on how you want to compose your photograph. There were days when I wasn’t feeling inspired and just took a quick snapshot with little thought to the composition. These photos are the ones that I skipped over. Towards the end of the month and my project I found myself putting more thought into the picture I wanted to take instead of just snapping away and hoping for the best.

These two really keep me on my toes and photographing them is a challenge but enjoyable all the same. Maybe as they get older they’ll let me pose them for some pictures but I imagine that they’ll be rolling their eyes at me a lot more.


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