February Project: Self Portraits

I had planned to get this post out a little sooner but my kids and I all came down with some bad colds last week. I’m mostly recovered but my kids are still fighting a few symptoms. The good thing is that I’m at my parents’ house for a few weeks so I was able to rest more than if I was back home. My husband had gone out of town for an interview right when we were hit with the worst of it. It was such a blessing to be able to get some much needed rest and not worry about what my two boys were doing.


For February I decided to focus a little on self portraits. While I always enjoy being behind the camera I don’t always enjoy getting my own picture taken. Also, February is my birthday month so this project seemed fitting. This year I turned 27 and for me it was the year that I first felt old. Or rather it is the first time I felt like an adult. Maybe it’s that I am married with two kids or that it’s been awhile since I’ve had a big planned out birthday. Whatever it is I look forward to this year of being 27.

Anyway, this project was a bit of a challenge but it helped me feel more at ease in front of the camera. And I got some practice using my remote shutter release and learned a few things along the way.

Here are a few tips for taking your own self portraits:

  1.  A tripod will help immensely. I have a wide angle 35mm so I was able to take a few with my camera at arms length but a tripod allows you to get more variety in your poses.
  2.  Get a remote shutter release. I got mine from Amazon for less than twelve bucks and it really came in handy. You can take time to pose and take multiple shots.
  3. Put your camera in live mode to avoid frustration with focus. I have a Nikon d3200 and when in live mode it will auto focus on whatever is in the red box on the screen.
  4. Have fun! Not all of your pictures will turn out and it will take some experimenting to find what poses work for you. Take time to dress up or snap away on a day you go without makeup.

I plan to experiment more with self portraits in the future and I might even make this a yearly thing. Aside from selfies taken with your camera phone have you tried self portraits yet?



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