a prequel to happily ever after: lashawna and michael’s engagement and first look portraits

From the first time LaShawna contacted me I knew that their story was going to be so lovely to capture. She’s incorporating her Navajo culture into her wedding and also included elements into her engagement and First Look portraits. For her and Michael’s engagement photos we drove up to Albion Basin to catch the last of the wildflowers.

Utah engagement photos Albion Basin wildflowers wedding photographerLaShawna and Michael engagements blog-14LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-16LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-18LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-25LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-26

She’s had this Navajo blanket since she was a kid and it was perfect for these photos!

LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-37LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-44LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-48LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-55LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-57LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-61LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-67LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-68LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-69LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-70LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-72LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-78LaShawna and Michael engagements blog-82

Once LaShawna’s dress was ready it was time for their First Look portraits! Not everyone chooses to do a First Look, but I have to admit it’s something I love to capture. Whether before the wedding day or before the ceremony the day of First Look portraits give you the chance to have time for just the two of you before your wedding day. And you can get a chance to use the photos from your First Look at your wedding reception if you choose to do a portrait session before the actual wedding day.

After an adventurous engagement session LaShawna and Michael had their First Look at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course where they’ll be having their wedding. It’s such a pretty venue and I can’t wait to capture their special day!

Sleepy Ridge Golf Course First Look Utah Wedding PhotographerLaShawna and Michael First Look blog-17LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-20LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-10LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-23LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-25LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-31LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-34LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-39LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-44LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-50LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-53LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-69LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-70LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-86LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-88LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-94LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-111LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-104LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-4LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-6LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-121LaShawna and Michael First Look blog-127

If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding I’d love to meet with you!

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