home is with you: a page from ashton and tj’s engagement session at provo canyon’s south fork park

Home really is where the heart is. As long as you are surrounded by the people you love you are home. When capturing Ashton and TJ’s engagement photos I could just tell that they are a couple who has always felt right at home with each other. And they added a personal touch to their session that was so fun. As Star Wars fans it was a must to incorporate some lightsabers into their engagement session. And it was a blast! They’ll be adding some Star Wars elements to their wedding as well that I can’t wait to capture! I loved watching Star Wars as a kid and I have loved the most recent movie additions. It just has a nostalgic feel that I love.

Now here’s a few of my favorites!

Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-34Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-37Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-38Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-33Star Wars Engagement Photos Provo Canyon South Fork Park Utah Valley Wedding PhotographerAshton and TJ Engagements blog-11Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-14Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-49Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-41Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-45Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-46Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-66Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-69Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-71Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-74Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-75Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-77Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-82Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-80Ashton and TJ Engagements blog-79

Congratulations on your engagement Ashton and TJ!

If you’re looking to get engagement photos done or are planning a wedding I’d love to meet up with you to talk about capturing your special day!

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