love and paper

Ever since I read The Paper Magician trilogy by Charlie N. Holmberg I’ve been wanting to bring the paper magic from the book to life. And after finding a paper florist, Shoshana Radka, who breathed life into her paper creations I decided now was the time. All the flowers, greenery, and even the hair piece are all crafted from paper by her!

So a little about each element of the shoot. In the books Ceony, the main protagonist, would have attended culinary school if she hadn’t been accepted to study to become a magician and wouldn’t have settled for anything less than magnificent for her wedding cake. Callie Mundy’s cake is magnificent and more and absolutely delicious (We couldn’t not eat the cake afterwards! The top tier was a lovely lemon cake with lemon filling!). The book takes place in Victorian England and so I wanted to emulate the feel of that time with a lovely dress from the Bridal Closet in Draper, Utah. Malinda Pead did an absolute fantastic job with the hair and makeup that tied everything together. For the detail shots I had a wedding sign made by Kayoko Waddell.

A huge thanks to all the amazing vendors and the models who made this shoot possible!


Callie Mundy of Mundy Made For inquiries email:

Dress: Bridal Closet 

Hair and Makeup: Malinda Pead at La Belle Vie Salon and Spa

Paper Florist: Shoshana Radka of Rose Tree Paper

Wedding Calligraphy: Kayoko Waddell of Kayoko W. Designs 


Love and Paper: a styled elopement inspired by The Paper Magician by C.N. Holmberg Utah Wedding Photographer Alyssa TsuchiyaLove and Paper Styled Elopement-2Love and Paper Styled Elopement-5Love and Paper Styled Elopement-3Love and Paper Styled Elopement-4Love and Paper Styled Elopement-10Love and Paper Styled Elopement-8Love and Paper Styled Elopement-9Love and Paper Styled Elopement-12Love and Paper Styled Elopement-15Love and Paper Styled Elopement-16Love and Paper Styled Elopement-18Love and Paper Styled Elopement-19Love and Paper Styled Elopement-21Love and Paper Styled Elopement-22Love and Paper Styled Elopement-23Love and Paper Styled Elopement-38Love and Paper Styled Elopement-25Love and Paper Styled Elopement-27Love and Paper Styled Elopement-29Love and Paper Styled Elopement-35Love and Paper Styled Elopement-30Love and Paper Styled Elopement-32Love and Paper Styled Elopement-33Love and Paper Styled Elopement-34Love and Paper Styled Elopement-36Love and Paper Styled Elopement-37

Be sure to check out Yuko Rader who joined me as a second shooter on this shoot and helped with the planning!

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