summer’s end

“And no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t stop
yourself from dreaming.”
― Jenny Han

Summer's End Styled Shoot-5

I put together this styled shoot specifically for a photo exhibit I participated in earlier this month. Now that it’s over I’m so excited to finally share my favorites! A huge thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible!

Hair and Kitsuke (Yukata Dressing) by Hiroko Cottle of MIYABI

Makeup by Makenzie Peacock of Peacock Artistry

Models Winston and Abbie Hollingshead

Yukata Provided by Savannah Nicholes

I wanted to put together this styled shoot as a kind of farewell to summer while also celebrating mine, and other’s, love of Japanese culture. The yukata is summer festival attire and the bubbles, an element of summer, represent wishes and dreams. In two of the photos I composited Mt. Fuji into the bubbles. If you’d like to do a photo shoot wearing kimono or yukata don’t hesitate to contact me!


Summer's End Styled Shoot-6Summer's End Styled Shoot-7Summer's End Styled Shoot-8Summer's End Styled Shoot-9Summer's End Styled Shoot-10Summer's End Styled Shoot-11Summer's End Styled Shoot-12Summer's End Styled Shoot-13Summer's End Styled Shoot-14Summer's End Styled Shoot-15Summer's End Styled Shoot-16Summer's End Styled Shoot-17Summer's End Styled Shoot-18Summer's End Styled Shoot-19Summer's End Styled Shoot-20Summer's End Styled Shoot-21Summer's End Styled Shoot-22Summer's End Styled Shoot-23Summer's End Styled Shoot-24

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