excerpts from fatherhood

Happy Father’s Day shoutout from Japan! It’s still a day early in the U.S. but I wanted to get a post in before we leave for a family trip.

On a side note, a couple of pictures I took of my husband and daughter during her first few days at the hospital have been featured on the What To Expect website (number 19, be aware that while not graphic a lot of the photos featured are of labor and births)! And be sure to check out the other amazing photographs featured if you enjoy birth photography!

Back to this post, though. Amika is now 3 months! I’ve been holding off on posting her 3 month portrait so I could bundle it with this post on Father’s Day. Amika just started babbling and is quite the social butterfly. She loves interacting with her papa and her two grandfathers are always going on about how cute she is!  My dad was able to meet Amika when she was a newborn but her grandparents in Japan met her for the first time when we arrived in Japan. Let’s just say that Amika is so lucky to have these wonderful father figures in her life!

Let me just say how important fathers are. My dad would come home from work and still have the energy to play with us. My husband does the same with our kids and it brings them (and me) so much joy. The boys have been getting some extra time with their dad on this trip and learning from him about Japanese culture. I hope they look back with fondness about the times with their dad in Japan.

And now some of my favorite photos of father’s from some past sessions of mine.

Share some favorite memories of your own father (or father figure) in the comments! One of my favorite memories of my papa from when I was growing up is running to greet him when he came home from work. Happy Father’s Day!



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