a page in my life: a new arrival

I just wanted to give an update on all that’s been going on since I’ve been on maternity leave! My mother-in-law came over from Japan to help out while we were waiting for our daughter to arrive and was hoping to meet her before she left. But you can only plan so much and even with all the walking (or chasing after toddlers) that we did our daughter decided to wait until my mother-in-law had gone home but before my mom could make it from Indiana. In fact, she was the first of our kids to not be born on a Sunday and was actually born on her due date, March 14 (White Day in Japan!).

I, of course, packed my camera in my hospital bag even though I wasn’t sure if I’d be up for taking pictures. And I’m so glad I did! I did hire Kayo of True Radiance Photography for a Fresh 48 session and you can see the beautiful work she did here but before she arrived our daughter was given her first bath and I was able to capture some priceless memories from that.

It’s only been about a month since we brought her home from the hospital but looking back on these pictures I can’t help think about how small she was! Her oldest brother is always offering to help (so different when our second was born and he acted like the world had ended) and her other brother is slowly warming up to her. My mom and mother-in-law were a big help with keeping our boys busy. It’s been a challenge since they both left but I’m slowly getting the hang of three kids.

I have a new admiration for photographers who specialize in posed newborn photography. It’s a lot harder than you would think! But I had fun doing some newborn photos with my daughter.

My aunt threw a baby shower in celebration of my first girl and my daughter even got to attend so it was more like a first birthday party for her. Everything was beautiful and it was fun to show off my daughter to the family and friends that came.

My grandma lovingly spoiled my daughter with a ton of cute clothes among other things and made the most beautiful crocheted dress for her baby blessing.

While this month hasn’t been easy with adjusting to three kids it has been equally if not more full of blessings and beautiful moments. If you’re not in the habit of printing your pictures whether taken by you or your photographer I highly recommend you start doing so. There is something beautiful about prints that you just don’t see in a digital file. I had some of my favorites of Kayo’s photos printed and put in a frame gifted by my aunt who threw the shower. I do all my prints at the print shop Persnickety Prints as they are professional grade but also have a fast turnaround. I’m coming off my maternity leave soon so look forward to more frequent posts!

Alyssa Tsuchiya To Write a Picture April 2017 Update-31


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