an excerpt from blogger lily higgin’s lifestyle session

Things have been a bit slow over here on to write a picture lately, but for good reason. Baby girl will be joining our family soon, my due date is tomorrow actually, so there’s been a lot of preparation for her arrival. And I’ve been making some updates to my main website,, using the building platform and I’m extremely happy with the results. If anyone is looking to update or build their own website send me an email and I can get you a coupon code for half off! And be sure to stay tuned for a giveaway after baby girl arrives and things have settled a bit!

I had to share the lifestyle session with blogger Lily Higgin’s of not that Cool mom that I did this past January before I go on maternity leave. This was actually my first session for this year and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it sooner because I’m in love how the session turned out. Everyone was so relaxed being in their own home and the connections between everyone just absolutely shined! I hope to do more lifestyle sessions once I come back from my maternity leave! lilly higgin's blog post-1lilly higgin's blog post-2lilly higgin's blog post-3lilly higgin's blog post-4lilly higgin's blog post-5lilly higgin's blog post-6lilly higgin's blog post-7lilly higgin's blog post-9lilly higgin's blog post-10lilly higgin's blog post-11lilly higgin's blog post-12lilly higgin's blog post-13lilly higgin's blog post-15lilly higgin's blog post-16lilly higgin's blog post-17


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