an excerpt from the martindale’s family session

I love it when friends come to me when they need photographs. Britney and I attended the same church in Ohio and now both our families are in Utah. The last time I saw them her daughter was still a baby. Things can get busy, especially if you’re going to school and working full time. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to find a time for their session but it all worked out and I love how their photos turned out! We did their session at BYU campus and on a bit of a chilly day. The kids were great sports though!

If you need to update your family portrait I’d love to work with you! And be sure to take advantage of my year-end booking special!martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-5martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-6martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-7martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-3martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-8martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-2martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-12martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-11martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-10martindale-family-photography-session-byu-campus-9


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