an excerpt from the nakama’s family session

This last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a photo swap with my friend Fujika and her family. She’s a newborn photographer in the Pleasant Grove area so if you’ve had a new addition to the family and are in her area definitely check her out!

The challenge of getting your kids to smile at the camera or even just looking at it is real. My favorite photographs are the candid moments that capture real emotion or the relationship between the people in the photo but it’s also nice having the traditional portrait to hang up on your wall. Every kid is different and responds differently but the main ingredient of a genuine smile from them is just getting down on their level and finding a way to relate to them whether through conversation or play. It’s not always easy but it’s a fun challenge and the genuine emotion captured is it’s own reward whether I’m photographing my own kids or my client’s children.

Be sure to check out my  current booking special and get your own family photos for the holidays! And, of course, here are my favorites from the Nakama’s family session!



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