a page in my life: farewell columbus

It’s happening. This weekend we are starting the drive to our new home in Orem, Utah. I’m going to miss Columbus and the friends we made here. While it’s been hard being in temporary housing and living out of suitcases it’s also been nice just spending time with my family and going to the many parks around Columbus. A place to explore is all a kid really needs. During our last days here Ryuta graduated from his Japanese preschool class, did a lot of exploring, and went to the Sports Festival for the Japanese Saturday School that my husband taught at. The next time I post we’ll be on the road!

Farewell Columbus-1Farewell Columbus-2Farewell Columbus-3Farewell Columbus-5Farewell Columbus-6Farewell Columbus-7Farewell Columbus-8Farewell Columbus-9Farewell Columbus-10Farewell Columbus-11Farewell Columbus-12Farewell Columbus-13Farewell Columbus-14Farewell Columbus-15Farewell Columbus-16Farewell Columbus-17Farewell Columbus-18Farewell Columbus-19Farewell Columbus-20Farewell Columbus-21Farewell Columbus-22Farewell Columbus-23Farewell Columbus-24Farewell Columbus-25


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