an excerpt from luke’s senior portrait session 

The first thing Luke let me know before we started his session was that this was all his mom’s idea. Despite getting his senior portraits done not being the first on his list of things he wants to do, his easygoing attitude made for a great session! He was even gracious enough to laugh at all my bad jokes. From here on Luke is off to serve in the Marines.


Luke’s senior portraits were taken at The Park of Roses in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a pretty popular spot for photos and there were several people there taking pictures for prom and other photographers as well doing their own sessions. If you find yourself at a popular location don’t go for the obvious spots that probably have a line of people waiting their turn. Instead, choose the less obvious areas and search for ideal light (if you don’t know what good quality light for photographs looks like I highly recommend any of Roberto Valenzuela’s books or Creative Live classes). Luke didn’t like the popular spots at The Park of Roses so he didn’t feel like he was missing anything as we photographed at the areas that weren’t in demand.


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