a page in my life: patience

The past couple weeks my focus has been elsewhere as my family is in the process of moving. Box after box has been packed and we are now out of our apartment, but we’ll be sticking around Columbus in temporary housing until July. Then we’ll be headed out to Utah! Columbus has been our home for five years now and it will be a time that I’ll keep close to my heart. In my time here I’ve gone from newlywed, to new mother (twice over), to newbie photographer, to now aspiring owner of my own portrait photography business.


Five years ago I didn’t see myself where I am now but over that course of time my passion for photography blossomed and it’s become a driving force in my life. It is something that speaks directly to my heart and at the same time interprets my heart to others. But even being something that I love it isn’t without it’s challenges. There’s still so much to learn as I improve my skills and there are also the challenges of starting up a business that I didn’t foresee. Add all of this to parenting two toddlers and being in the midst of a move with a husband who is working around the clock to finish his dissertation (he’s almost finished!) there have been multiple occasions where it has seemed too much for me to handle.

I’ve been working on building up my portfolio before we move on to Utah.In my mind spring was the perfect time to do this because the weather would be pleasant and flowers would be blooming. In reality cold snaps kept returning, a day forecast as sunny would turn cloudy and rainy, and a rainy day would turn perfect after I rescheduled a session due to expected rain.

On a particular day a few weeks ago I had to cancel a session again due to a cloudy, rainy day. I felt like the universe was against me. Nothing seemed to be falling into place for my business, the weather was being uncooperative, the packing was never ending, and my kids were making messes faster than I could clean them up.I couldn’t take being in the house any longer so I loaded my boys into the stroller to take them to the park and grabbed my camera as an afterthought. It looked like the rain was going to hold off for a few hours and the kids needed to get their energy out.

It was late into May and the spring blossoms had come and gone, so when I spotted a garden on the way to the park with flowers about to bloom I stopped and admired them. I thought hey were so pretty with the rain drops that I took a few photographs with my camera then continued on to the park before my kids got impatient.


On the way to the park a thought struck me. There are times when it seems like everybody else’s gardens are in bloom and we have nothing to show for our efforts.We don’t understand why others have success and we don’t. The theme of today’s world seems to be instant gratification: Great rewards for little effort given. And with social media a huge part of our lives we are constantly given a steady stream of the big events, successes, and good fortune in the lives of others. This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but all we are seeing is the end result of someone’s effort, hard work, and patience. This can cause us frustration as to why it isn’t the same for us or why we can’t have what we want now. We forget that everyone is in a different season in their life, including ourselves.

I am at the beginning of starting up my business and there are going to be bumps along the way. Nothing is going to happen overnight.

I learned that patience was far more than simply waiting for something to happen-patience required actively working toward worthwhile goals and not getting discouraged when results didn’t appear instantly or without effort.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Continue in Patience

I used that time at the park to slow down and take time for myself and my two boys. I photographed things that caught my eye and let my kids play in the rain puddles. I need to remind myself to be patient. I need to take joy in the current season of my life while striving to realize my goals. The things most valuable in life don’t come without effort.


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