an except from the gentile’s family session

There is just something beautiful and timeless about black and white pictures.I am in the midst of editing the session I did with the Gentile family last week. The weather has been up and down here in Ohio and we had to reschedule once due to less than desirable weather. But it was for the best and we had lovely weather for their family session. Their kids were an absolute joy and were more than happy to pose for me. They also came up with their own poses to try out!

I’m still editing and waiting to get the Portra 400 film I took back from the lab but I had to share my favorite black and white photos from the Gentile’s session so far!


Just a quick photography tip! These were all taken in the afternoon when the sun was still high in the sky. While this kind of light can be challenging it’s far from impossible! The best thing you can do is find open shade or photograph with the sun directly behind your subjects.Pay attention to how the light and shadows look on your subjects’ face and if you’re not liking how it looks try rotating them until the light looks better. Until next time!


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