April Project: Portfolio Building!

I practice the majority of my photography on my family (especially my kids) which is fine and has the added bonus of capturing moments of my loved ones. But I’ve been wanting to make photography into my career for over a year now and you can’t have a portfolio of just your kids, no matter how cute they are. Not only that, but I also wanted to challenge myself with a variety of locations and lighting situations.

Up first is the Manwill family. We had planned to do their session in the park but Ohio weather, being what it is, brought us below freezing temperatures and some snow flurries. So it turned into a cozy lifestyle session at the Manwill’s beautiful home. I couldn’t get enough of their adorable daughter who was all smiles for the camera. And I have to thank Elisabeth for assisting that day and turning the overcast morning into one filled with sunshine.

Manwill Web-1

Next up is the Rock Family, a lovely couple who brought their adorable black lab, Wally. We had warm weather and a sunny day for our walk around The Ohio State University. Wally was quite the charmer and made some friends along the way. I’ve done the majority of my sessions in parks so this was a new setting for me. And it was so much fun incorporating the architecture!

Rock Web

In addition to some more photo sessions I’ll be working on getting my business page put up, hopefully before the end of May.


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