First Rolls of Film: Digital and Film Comparison

For my first venture into film photography (aside from the one class I took in high school) I bought a 4-pack of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400, each with 24 exposures, and loaded my dad’s old Canon T-70. I’d been studying up on shooting film for a couple months and I was excited to finally put what I’d read into practice. It was super nerve-wracking not being able to see what I had just captured after pushing the shutter button and I was afraid I wasn’t getting the exposure right since my only light meter was the one in the Canon T-70 and the one in my digital SLR Nikon. On top of that, the Canon T-70 is manual focus only. As a result I put more thought when composing my shots, which can be challenging when your subject is an on-the-go toddler or a dog with her own agenda.

After shooting all four rolls (I started in January and finished in March) I sent them into a lab to get processed and here are the results! Not all of them turned out and I had one mishap when I accidentally exposed part of a roll when I opened up the back of the camera only to find it hadn’t rewound all the way. But I am more than pleased with the ones that did turn out and can’t wait to shoot the professional quality roll of film I picked up last week.

First Roll Web

Here are some digital/film side by side comparisons. I had to go back and re-edit the digital files in order to match the film better.

DFC Kiyoshi New Year
Left: digital     Right: film
DFC Zuzu
Left: digital     Right: film
FD Olivia DZ
Left: digital     Right: film

Stay tuned for April’s project!



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