March Project: Ring Shots

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog lately due to a lot that’s been going on. All good things though. My sister had her baby girl in March. My parents went to help her out with the new baby and, since I still have siblings at home, my boys and I stayed at my parents’ to keep an eye on them. For the three weeks I was there I gave myself a fun little project: ring shots! I don’t have a macro lens, but I do have macro lens filters that work pretty well. I got mine off Amazon and they are pretty inexpensive. The lens filters are a great option if a macro lens isn’t in your budget. I do recommend you use a tripod when using them though, as focusing with a shallow depth of field can be a bit challenging. I had forgotten to bring my tripod so I had to hand hold my camera for all of these.


It wasn’t too much of an issue with the auto focus on my dslr, but I also took some shots with my (dad’s) 35mm film camera that is manual focus only. Manual focus isn’t bad once you get the hang of it and remember to slow down. But I had forgotten to factor in that in addition to magnifying my subject the filters would also magnify my shallow depth of field as well. I was shooting wide open to begin with so it left me with little room for error if I moved just the slightest when pushing my shutter button. So less of my film turned out than expected but this was one of my first attempts at film. Below are some digital images paired with the film images that turned out.


Left: Digital Right: Film
Left: Digital       Right: Film
Left: Digital      Right: Film

Next post I’ll show some more images from my first rolls of film!


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