Contest Results

The Shoot&Share 2016 Photo Contest results are in! If this is your first time here I blogged back in February about the opening of the contest. This was my first time entering and I was pleasantly surprised how well some of my photos did. In order to place in this contest each photo has to make it through ten rounds of voting. None of my photos were finalists but my photo of my youngest with his great grandma placed 350 out of 5,244 entries, or Top 10%, in the Lifestyle category.

Four other photos made it to the Top 30% in their categories. I’m really happy that the top photo of my youngest looking straight at the camera made it a little ways before it got voted out. It’s one of my favorites that I have hanging up in my room .

The other 45 photos that I entered didn’t do as well. But now that I have an idea of what works and what doesn’t I am eagerly awaiting next year’s contest. If you’re a photographer and you aren’t a part of the Shoot&Share community I recommend checking out their website or Facebook page. Both are great resources and the members foster community over competition.

I’m off to work on submissions for 2017’s contest!


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