Impromptu Fog Photo Session

I was super excited when I woke up to a foggy morning. While not fun to drive in, fog is awesome to photograph in. So after church I just had to have my sister model for me in the field behind the church. My kids were tired and ready to go home so I only spent a few minutes and only got a handful of pictures but I’m happy with the few I got. 

A big part of photography is seeing opportunities and taking them without hesitation. Weather is outside of our control as well as people (especially younger kids!) so when that perfect lighting appears or a precious moment unfolds it’s so important to know your camera and be ready. 

One of the challenges that I’ve had to overcome is pushing my fear of taking out my camera aside and just focus on what I want to capture. That fear is still there but each time I ignore that fear it gets smaller and smaller. I wrote this post in February about my kids great grandmother. We were visiting her in the hospital last summer and I wasn’t sure of the protocol in a Japanese hospital regarding cameras and I was afraid to even take it out of my bag. I might not have taken any photos if my husband hadn’t persuaded me to get a few of great grandma with the kids. 

There have been many instances like this where I was afraid to take out my camera or just uncomfortable taking pictures when I worked past that fear. And when you aren’t comfortable behind the camera it does show in your pictures. You’re not as connected with your subject and you don’t get the perspective that you were aiming for. I applaud street photographers who go among strangers and without fear or hesitation are able to connect with their subjects and get amazing photographs. Check out John Wreford’s blog if you have an interest in street photography. 

In your pursuit of your art or goals what is a challenge you’ve had to overcome?


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