Shoot and Share Photo Contest: Voting Now Live

Voting for the 2016 Shoot&Share Photo Contest is now live! This is my first year submitting and I’m both nervous and excited. The great thing about this contest is that all submissions are anonymous until the contest is over so that the voting is fair and doesn’t end up being a popularity contest or based on who can utilize their social media the best. Voting is open to everyone so definitely check it out!

Here are some photos I considered for submission:


Voting will be open until March 10th and you can vote as many times as you like. Each time you are given a set of four pictures from a category and you vote for the one that you like best. If you are having a hard time choosing or decide you like more than one you can always mark multiple photos in a set as a favorite, though you are only allowed to vote for one ultimately. The favoriting system allows you to save your favorites to look back on later and for the photographer to see how many people liked their photo even though it might not have been voted on. It’s a lot of fun and something you can even do as a family. Happy voting!


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