Perspectives of Love

My favorite shot from the Valentine session with model Baylie Street.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy First Blog Post for this site! I’ve been putting this off despite having several topics lined up. It’s like writing that first sentence in a book or story and no matter how you word it nothing seems just quite good enough. Well, now that it’s Valentine’s Day and I have a couple of photos from a Valentine’s themed shoot I’ve been wanting to share there’s no excuse not to post.

I discovered the Columbus Studio Photography group on and last week I got the chance to go a Valentine’s shoot/workshop at the R&L Digital Photo Lab’s studio. This was my first time doing a photo shoot in a studio with lights, off-camera flash, backdrops, and a model. My experience with photography has been with natural light and for the most part capturing candid moments. Though, I have done some posed family portraits. The shoot at the studio was a completely different from anything I have ever done and it was a lot a fun. Here are a few things I took away from this workshop:

  1. I am used to shooting with my aperture wide open but Debbie, the one who put the shoot together, had our apertures around 8 or so depending on the lighting. It added some nice depth to the portraits.
  2. Posing is something you definitely have to study up on. I found myself struggling to come up with directions for our model, Baylie Street.
  3. Along the same lines as posing, it’s important to have what you want to capture envisioned before hand. Unlike candid, lifestyle, and documentary, stylized photo shoots need to be thought out beforehand. What story do you want to tell? What emotions do you want to capture? What is your end goal? When I didn’t know what I wanted I just fired away and ended up with shots  that weren’t necessarily bad but they didn’t really communicate anything.
  4. Studio lighting is super fun!
  5. I discovered I like dark/moody lighting.
  6. Shooting alongside other photographers is a great way to recognize your voice/style. Some of the pictures I came away with just weren’t my style while others shouted “This is me! This is my vision!”

Without further ado, some of my favorites from my first studio stylized photo shoot:






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